E-Bike Front Wheel Drive System

Motinova on a Perormer
Motinova on a Performer

"A Motinova motor pictured on a Performer Recumbents / Trikes trike.  Many haven't heard of the Motinova brand.  We have already imported some of these and have had wonderful success with these motors.  Like every electric motor, they are quiet..but unlike others-this one is reliable, light for it's power output (250 watts) and most of all it has seamless integration of the human and electric element.  It accomplishes it with a torque sensor that analyzes every 10ms.  It has 6 assistance settings including a walk function.  Fitted to the Performer trikes with a dedicated and shrouded boom as well as either a low side mount or a rack mounted battery, weight distribution is ideal. This has rapidly made this motor and trike combination a major player in the E-trike market."


Item Specification
Motor (Volans Plus) Rated voltage: 36V
Rated power: 250W
Max. support drive torque: 40 km/h
Side Cover Total : 3 PCS
Cycle Computer Size: 3.2″
Protocol: CAN
Battery Set Battery: 36V/14AH
(including 2A charger & battery holder)
Crank Total: 2 PCS(one on each side)
Charger 2A
MSRP US$ 1,750
+Shipping + $$ Exchange +Taxes
Version 5.3
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