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Azub is one of the premier Recumbent makers in the world. We have 2 here waiting for you to discover why they are rated so high. Come take them for a test ride. The Non suspended Tri-Tris (white) is the fastest trike Azub makes. THe Tri-Con GR (Black) is a rear suspended beast! Ready to take Off Road, Gravel or city pavement. All Azub have folding for transort as an option. Plus we can Add E- Assist to any model. Come and try them out!

Fresh in to the shop. HPV Gekko 26 24 speed. Fun med seat height. Light weight. Real sporty feel. Come for a test ride.


Informative Videos

Simple video on how to measure your X-Seam for proper trike fit.

Quick video on how to fold a JC26 X F

Folding a Terra Trike Traveler and fitting it inside a small car.

How to transport an Ice Trike for air travel.

I was interviewed by the Laidback Bike Report!


Product Videos

New fender and water bottle accessory mount for Performer Trikes.

Boom Mounted Accessory Bags


Trike Showcases

AZUB Tri Con

Ice Full Fat

Performer JC26 X with TSDZ2 E-Assist

Terra Trike Ramble Wide Track

Ice Sprint

Terra Trike Tandem Pro

Ice Adventure HD with TSDZ2 E-Assist

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