Accessories to Consider

Trikes are wonderful additions to our daily commute, neighborhood explorations and far off adventures. Your new trike could and will use a few things to help you on your travels. Here are some of the Most Popular Accessories you should Consider:

The Top Dozen:
Safety Lights for Visibility: a rear blinking light is a must for day and night time traffic visiblity!
Water Bottle and Bracket
Rack / Seat Bag
Clip in Pedals and Shoes
Flat tire Kit (patches, 406 x 2.00 tube, tire lever, multi-tool, Master link, spare, nuts, bolts, zip ties, duct tape, C02 Cartridge, Air pump, small wrench, etc)

Special Considerations:

Odometer /  GPS
Smart Phone Mounts
Floor Pump
Head Rest (ie Finer Recliner)
Chain Ring Guard
Chain EZ adjuster
On / Off assist bars
Side Mount & Bag
PDW Coffee cup holder
Electric Assist
Roller Trainers
Pedal Extenders for a wider Stance
Dual Brake Levers
Car Rack
Wind Wrap Fairing
Supported Foot Pedals
Hand Retention Straps

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