T-Tris 26

Our fastest trike

The T-Tris 26 is the fastest and the most affordable trike we have on offer. It, too, has a stiff frame with minimum flex while riding, and accurate steering. The T-Tris 26 shares the same geometry and other important technical solutions with its siblings, like the AZUB Ti-FLY or TRIcon. Even the rear part of the frame is designed and made so as to make the rider feel confident in steering through even the sharpest bends. The 26” rear wheel gives a slightly better feeling of comfort. For the more sport-minded cyclists, the fact that the trike is faster on flats may also play a role.

Easy folding

The simple F2F (Fold-to-Flat) folding system doesn’t require much strength and makes transporting and storing the tricycle pure joy. It takes less than a minute to remove the seat and fold the frame in half, and because it doesn’t have to be lifted much, it can be easily folded and unfolded even by people are not that strong. Though, the same goes for all our tricycles anyway. Greatly admired is also the big red handle operating the main folding mechanism, which not only has a nice industrial look, but also makes the whole folding manoeuvre much easier. And the precisely adjustable folding handlebars are just as exquisite.

20 or 26?

Thanks to the 26” rear wheel it was easier for us to select the right components and combine them to 100% satisfaction to make your riding experience truly remarkable. After all, a 26” wheel is more common in the world of cycling, therefore there is a much wider range of parts that we in AZUB can use when building it for you and that you yourself can use to improve your trike at a later date.
A 26” rear wheel copes better with going through or over bumps so it is therefore a little bit more comfortable. Also, some people prefer the overall look and today, the 26” rear wheel concept is simply trendy. On the T-tris 26, we also managed to create a very stiff rear with minimum flex which provides exceptional riding properties, a highly valued feature in all AZUB tricycles.


T-Tris 26 Side 1
T-Tris 26 Persp 1
T-Tris 26 Persp 2
T-Tris 26 Side 2
Overall width 835 mm
Overall height 715 mm – 840 mm
Overall length 1 860 mm – 2 110 mm
Track width 755 mm
Wheel base 1 200 mm
Ground clearance 105 mm (1,5″ tyres)
Bottom seat height 315 mm – 345 mm
Seat angle adjustment 34 – 52 degrees
Bottom bracket height 370 mm – 410 mm
Max load 125 kg
Max tyre width 60 mm
Half folded width 835 mm (650 mm without front wheels and mudguards)
Half folded length 1 080 mm
Half folded height 490 mm
T-Tris 26

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