At RENU Cycle we understand what our customers need and want, so we offer the most adjustable and most comfortable Trikes in the world. With our comprehensive line of products, we’re sure you’ll find a recumbent trike to meet your budget and performance needs.  More and more people each year are discovering how Triking is a fun, easy way to keep fit, lose weight and improve your overall health. Trikes offer a great view of the scenery and an immediate relief from the aches and pains of traditional bicycles. Trikes are well respected in traffic due to their curious shape, and they are easy to transport on traditional bike racks or on a Trike specific hitch rack.  Trikes have a comfort level and a cool factor that cannot be denied. Treat yourself to a test ride today.. (Note that building and shipping costs are added to all models.)

Renu Cycle is owned and operated by trike riders! WE are trike enthusiasts! With over 17 years of 2 and 3 wheel recumbent riding, we know recumbents!
We have ridden practically everything on the market.
That’s all we ride. That is All we have sold since opening our shop in 2011.

We can have a pretty good idea of what can work for you after we chat a bit and ask a few questions.. We can help you find the right trike for YOU.
The trikes sell themselves.
If a particular ride suits you then that is what we want you to ride
You’ll be riding it, not us.
For Accessories and mods, we can help you make informed decisions
based on our and other trike riders experiences .
Financing Available
Come down and test ride one of our demo models to feel what works best for you;

At Renu Cycle We sell Terra Trikes, Hp Velotechnik & ICE Trikes. KMX, Performer (2020) Meta bikes. Plus an occasional Used and Consigned trike or recumbent.


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