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Several years ago when I started riding my first recumbent, (Over 21 years ago, Summer of 2000). I was really out of shape. As a matter of fact the first  time I rode My BikeE I could not ride 1 kilometer with out wheezing and coughing for an hour later. But within a week or two I rode 17 km ( 10 miles) to Leduc from Calmar. I was elated.

Now 22 years later here is what I look like:
This a more recent photo of how I look these days and over 100 lbs less. I attribute this to cycling and a good carb reduced diet! And most importantly on Riding Recumbents! They are so comfortable and fun to ride! I shudder to think of what I would look like today if I had not started riding recumbents back then. I know my wife and family are glad and do not regret the money I have spent over these past 18 years.

With 20 + years of riding Recumbents of all sorts and over an average of 1500 kilometers a year commuting, losing weight , getting Fitter, Touring and riding around the Edmonton & Western Canadian/ North Western U.S. Area. We have gained a great Knowledge base to serve our Clients Needs and Wants!  I believe that riding a recumbent and or a trike is so life changing I now have the privilege with RENU Cycle to introduce others to riding and Trikin`!!

Riding locally in and around Leduc:

In 2003 I started to ride a bit with a few friends in Leduc. Eventually a bunch of us started to ride regularly most Wednesday nights at 6:45. In 2018 our little group will celebrated its 15th year of getting together and riding for fun,  Fitness and Fellowship. Our groups rides were always has fun and is definitely not for the “Hard Core” riders it is recreational in nature and for fun. Sadly after Co-Vid our group does not ride to gether regularly anymore.

But since 2022 here at Renu Cycle we try to do a group ride 2 - 3 rides a season.

Our rides are designed for getting some exercise, to relieve work and home stresses, have fun, fellowship with each other andPromote the fun of riding a recumbent trike or bike.. Some of our riders are quite experienced – most are not. Whatever your level you are welcome. Our goal is to get there, eventually.

All Adult Riders (16 & up) Are Welcome. We have three groups that ride:

  • Watch our face book pageand website for group ride dates

Join Our Rides

We had some adventures that stretched us, opened vistas we had not encountered, providing opportunities to make great friendships.

We have toured Jasper to Banff, Parts of the KVR Railway in B.C.; Leduc to Drumheller, Parts of Thailand, New Zealand, and Italy. You red about some of our biggest adventures here https://godspokeleduc.wordpress.com/ride-reports/sweet-as-tour-nz/ or here http://bentnleduc.blogspot.com/ (ya got to did around into past years)

We plan a ride At least 1-2 times a year around Leduc, Edmonton or Alberta from Mid March to Mid Oct .(depending on weather)

Send us an email if you are interested in joining us  renucycl@telus.net  and we will put you on our ride notifiaction list.


“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when the work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go for a spin down the road, without a thought on anything but the ride you are taking.”

– Arthur Conan Doyle, 1896

So come on, Get your bike or trike ready
and ride with us…

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