T- Fat

Places others cannot reach

Our fatty is a bike that is simply irresistible at first sight. It looks so huge, as if it did not even belong to the cycling world and yet it makes you feel that riding it will be a fast and smooth experience. And when you actually sit on it, your feelings grow into complete euphoria. The fully adjustable ergonomic seat feels like a throne fit for a king. The view is absolutely thrilling – two massive wheels on the sides and the road in front of you. “I wonder how many potholes there might be, or what terrain will this beauty cope with” you will immediately start thinking. Well, think definitely big – it will cope with much more challenging terrain than any other tricycle could.

Gravel, beaches, snow!

The massive tyres provide both suspension and sufficient grip. If the conditions look that they might be getting worse, we recommend underinflating them. AZUB FAT is at home on crushed stone roads, woodland paths, on beaches or in snowfall. You won’t ride through large snow drifts, though it will definitely make riding in extreme conditions much easier.

Finely tuned

To make sure this trike would be perfect for you, we have worked hard on the components as well. The basic equipment includes red anodized rims with two rows of holes made in Italy, excellent hubs with industrial bearings and four inch Schwalbe Jumbo Jim tyres. However, you can also go for such delicacies as the FAT version of the popular 14-speed Rohloff gearbox or the 18-speed Pinion P1.18, which provide the much needed very “slow” gears, so suitable for the FAT trikes. With these gears you will be able to manage even some very steep climbs. The whole range is then supplemented by many accessories, such as the ultra-durable rack by the famous German brand Tubus, built specifically for bikes of the FAT type.

Compact when riding as well as in transport

One of the reasons cyclists like our FAT so much is its overall compact dimensions. The very short rear fork increases the load on the rear wheel, which is crucial for effective exerting of power on rough surfaces. Nevertheless, the compact dimensions also contribute to the fact that after folding the FAT takes up relatively little space. In combination with the painless F2F (Fold to Flat) folding system, easily removable wheels and seat that is also removed for transport, you get several relatively small “packages” that can be easily distributed around the boot in your car.

Overall width 920 mm
Overall height 810 – 1 000 mm
Overall length 2 000 – 2 250 mm
Track width 800 mm
Wheel base 1 220 mm
Ground clearance 245 mm (4,8″ tyres)
Bottom seat height 430 mm – 450 mm
Seat angle adjustment 34 – 52 degrees
Bottom bracket height 500 mm – 530 mm
Max load 125 kg
Max tyre width 110 mm
Half folded width 900 mm (650 mm without front wheels and mudguards)
Half folded length 1 250 mm
Half folded height 760 mm
Turning radius 7,55 mm

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