TSDZ2 B Bottom Bracket Drive


We are pleased to be able to Add Electric Assist for our customers new and used recumbent trikes, recumbent bicycles and regular 2 wheel bikes. 

Why an Electric Assist?
You still get exercise, ours is a Pedelec Only System – no throttle, you must pedal, but you feel like a super person. You get to your destination faster, more refreshed, far less fatigue. You can keep up to your riding partners – you’re no longer the last one! You tend to ride further, because its less tiring. Hills are “flattened”out, no longer daunting, or a grunt to get over!

An Assist is just plain Fun!!
Currently we Offer the TSDZ2 B Bottom Bracket drive  for more power and greater control of your ride.

 Call for an appointment to stop by and test ride one.

TSDZ2 Bottom Bracket Drive
TSDZ2 Bottom Bracket Drive



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