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2015 Trike Of the Year. When you sit in the TRIcon 26 for the very first time, it immediately becomes clear why this trike has won the title Trike of the year 2015. Just settle comfortably in the ergonomic seat, sit back and start pedalling. The first two or three corners will give you a taste of the best advantages of our revolutionary 26” rear wheel solution. The shortest possible stiff fork with the 157mm wide Syntace solid through-axle design that we “borrowed” from mountain bikes, work an absolute miracle. What previously was unthinkable in the world of tricycles with a 26” rear wheel suspension has now become a reality. Yes, we are talking about fast cornering with minimal rear wheel flex while making you feel that the trike is absolutely stable and reacts accurately and instantly to any correction of the direction coming from the handlebars. And this feeling sure is absolutely exhilarating.

Attention to detail, beauty of the whole.

All the above mentioned is complemented by the prized characteristics of the dimensionally smaller but older brother, the TRIcon 20. These include a very comfortable rear suspension due to a genuine cycling shock, perfectly tuned steering, excellent power transmission, comfortable seat and the F2F-U (Fold to Flat Ultra) folding system which allows the trike to be folded not only in half but which also allows the rear fork be rotated below the frame, thus reducing the overall size of the trike when completely folded. Nevertheless, for many people the appearance of their TRIcon 26 is an important factor as well. And in this sense, the trike is truly unique. Emphasis has been placed on details such as the red bowden ends, the removable anodized rear fork dropouts, the wonderful quick releases or the cleverly shaped front wheels caps. The TRIcon 26 simply exudes robustness and healthy aggression.

26 or 20?

“Shall I choose a trike with a 20 or 26 inch rear wheel?” This is one of the most frequent questions we get asked. Many people just like the look of the 26” rear wheel and for them it is the biggest factor when they are deciding, but there are some objective reasons why to opt for this size as well. The more so when you learn that we in AZUB have managed to eliminate one of the major disadvantages of a 26” tricycle with rear suspension – its immense flexion when cornering. The 26” wheel has more inertia and therefore it is better at maintaining speed on flat terrain and when going downhill. It is also easier to find the right combination of gears and components because the 559 size (26”) is still more common than the 406 (20”). In addition, a larger wheel provides a higher level of comfort, since due to its size it is better at “coasting” potholes as the wheel doesn’t fall in so much, which in turn also makes the trike a little faster. And when you compare the TRIcon 26 with the TRIcon 20, the 26” wheel in the former gives it a kind of a more grown-up look.

If we were to carry on comparing the 20” and 26” TRIcons, we must not forget to mention that the TRIcon 26 offers all the available “gimmicks”, including the rear Syntace X-12 solid-thru axle or the removable rear fork dropouts not found on the TRIcon 20. Although, technically speaking, there is no real need for them.

Tricon Side 1
Tricon Persp 1
Tricon Persp 2
Tricon Side 2
Overall width 835 mm
Overall height 700 mm – 820 mm
Overall length 1 980 mm – 2 230 mm
Track width 755 mm
Wheel base 1 238 mm
Ground clearance 117 mm (1,5″ tyres)
Bottom seat height 270 mm – 300 mm
Seat angle adjustment 34 – 52 degrees
Bottom bracket height 400 mm – 450 mm
Max load 125 kg
Max tyre width 60 mm
Half folded width 835 mm (650 mm without front wheels and mudguards)
Half folded length 1 265 mm
Half folded height 560 mm
Extreme folding min. 790 x 650 x 340 mm (without front boom 610 x 650 x 340 mm)

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