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All Terra Trikes can be outfitted with a TSDZ2 Electric Assist

(Terra Trikes Are Imported from China Via the U.S.A. and are Priced in U.S. Dollars. U.S $ to CDN $ Conversion + 13% Import Duty + Shipping and G.S.T. Are Added at time of Sale.)

TerraTrike continues to be the leader in the triking industry. At Renu Cycle we understand what our customers need and want, so we offer the most adjustable and most comfortable Trikes in the world. With our comprehensive line of products, we’re sure you’ll find a recumbent trike to meet your budget and performance needs.

At Renu Cycle We have many Types of Trikes to Test Ride Call and Come down for a ride!

For Pricing Please Call and Discuss your Interest and Needs With Our Experts at Renu Cycle!

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The Maverick
Demo on Hand

Experience cycling freedom on the new Maverick, an entry level trike that packs a lot of features. The new wide seat with fixed seat mount provides riders with a firm and comfortable riding position. The versatile Maverick makes it easy to upgrade to the TerraTrike hybrid steering stack and the boom stub tube allows one to easily add a front derailleur.

The new weight-reducing, round tube Hi-ten steel frame uses the tried and proven Rambler frame design and has a weight capacity of 275 lbs. It provides easy access for getting on and off of the trike and produces a very predictable riding experience.

Other highlights include the direct drivetrain for a quiet ride without the need for idlers as well as custom TerraTrike wheels and Schwalbe tires. Like its predecessors, the Maverick is the perfect leisure riding trike.

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Manufacturers Configurations:
x8 Speed external cassette

i8 Speed internal hub

i3 internal 3 speed

8 Speed cassette ( Renu Cycle Demo )

See more about the new Maverick here:



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The Rambler

Spring 2020 it Transforms into the Rambler 24 max weight 400lbs!

Ramble on.

After releasing the Rover and opening the door for people who never thought they’d enjoy cycling again, we found many customers wanted more. So that’s just what we gave them. The Rambler has the same high seat and straight-forward frame geometry as the Rover, but with many upgrades for riders who want to go faster and farther. It features a sleek Y-frame design which improves the Rambler’s handling and stability. It is available with up to 16 speeds and is about eight pounds lighter than the Rover.





What really sets the Rambler apart, however, is the feel of the ride. It responds beautifully through corners and the lightweight chro-moly steel frame ensures a smooth ride. For tackling those off-road riding adventures, the Rambler All Terrain is ready to take you beyond the paved trails and then back again.

The Rambler is designed to do it all without sacrificing comfort or ease of use. Its range of options and component levels make it the perfect platform to create a trike for your specific needs.





The Rambler is as versatile as it is stylish. It is available in two different component levels: n380 NuVinci and x16. The single-piece frame made of round chro-moly steel tubing also gives the Rambler a nimble, responsive ride.

The seat mesh is breathable and is fitted across a lightweight aluminum seat frame. Along with standard disc brakes and full seat adjustability, the Rambler is a quality machine for casual and serious riders alike. The frame comes in a stunning Tangerine Orange finish with complimenting graphics. 20″ wheels come standard with 24″ and 26″wheels available as an optional upgrade at additional cost.


Manufacturers Configurations:
8 Speed Ext; 8 Speed Nexus

Base 24 (Renu Cycle Demo and Most Popular Rambler),
GT 27 speed 

– Click here  For More Info at the
See more at: http://www.terratrike.com/raWebsite


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The Traveler
New Single Fold Spring 2020

The Traveler is a folding trike designed to be portable, while still retaining the quality and comfort that make TerraTrikes such a joy to ride. Imagine taking your favorite ride with you on vacation, packing it in the camper or just being able to store it in a closet. In about the same amount of time it would take you to remove a bike or trike from a car rack, you can have the Traveler unloaded from your car’s trunk or back seat, unfolded and ready to ride. The Traveler was developed from the ground up based on time-tested design parameters. The frame hinge has been designed to be both easy to operate and flawlessly secure. The frame, made of round chro-moly steel tubing, is painted a stunning Candy Apple Red. Built using the same high quality components and materials as our other models, the Traveler can become both a trike you take on vacation and your everyday ride. It is a great solution for anyone who needs to save space without sacrificing performance or comfort. It will quickly become your favorite way to explore the world, no matter where your travels take you.

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Manufacturers Configurations:

8 Speed Ext; 8 Speed Nexus

Base 24 Speed

GT 27 speed

– Click here  For More Info at the Terra Cycle “Traveler” Website

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The Gran Tourismo   
Demo On Hand

– Click here  For More Info at the Terra Cycle “GT” Website

Command the Road in Style and Comfort!

The Gran Tourismo is alluringly sophisticated with exhilarating performance resulting in the ultimate touring machine. With a nod to the original Tour, the GT is the culmination of over 20 years of continuous innovation and customer feedback, resulting in the most comfortable and best handling TerraTrike to date! The Y-frame design adds strength while allowing for additional heel clearance and ease in getting in and out. The new triangulated rear end adds pedaling efficiency, better aerodynamics, reduced pedal steer and lower center of gravity so that you “stick” to the road even at higher speeds. The GT also comes standard with a 24” rear wheel for higher top-end speeds, smoother rolling over bumps and retaining momentum. The Gran Tourismo also features an extended seat frame with an upgraded seat mesh, contoured to give additional support and comfort and padded in “all the right places!” This is by far the most comfortable seat TerraTrike has ever produced! The depth of the “wet” paint colors Sparkle Gold and Sky Blue are stunning, and limited edition colors will be offered periodically. The Gran Tourismo is the perfect trike for a cross-country adventure, your daily commute or a leisurely trail ride to your favorite destination.

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The Terrain

– Click here  For More Info at the Terra Cycle “Terrain” Website

The Rambler All Terrain is rugged enough to take you off the beaten path… WAY off the beaten path! You will no longer be limited to paved bicycle paths or roads, and a world of possibilities awaits where the pavement ends! Two track dirt roads, gravel paths and hiking trails are now accessible on the Rambler AT. The Rambler AT is a quality machine for casual and serious riders alike. With 24” wheels all around, and an aggressive tread pattern on the tires, the AT rolls over most obstacles with ease. Available with a traditional deraillure system and a robust, round tubed chro-moly steel frame, the Rambler provides a nimble, responsive ride. The breathable seat mesh is fitted across a lightweight aluminum seat frame, and features an orange embroidered seat logo. The frame comes in a stunning Sparkle Green with orange and white graphics. With standard disc brakes and full seat adjustability, the Rambler AT is ready for adventure! When you’re riding the All Terrain, very few destinations are off limits. The only decision you’ll have to make is where your next adventure will take you!


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THe GTS Performance GT – ZOOM
Coming Spring 2020

The Spyder

-Made for Speed-

A Dramatic New sport trike! Coming Spring 2020


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The Tandems

A tricycle built for two? You bet! The American made TerraTrike Tandem Pro is a great solution for those looking to ride with a companion. With superior stability compared to upright tandem bikes or recumbent tandem bikes, our trike allows for users of all levels and ages to enjoy a partnered ride. Never has a leisurely trike ride with your companion been so much fun! Pedal in comfort and turn heads, all while getting great exercise. The Tandem is built solid to withstand long distance rides and handles smoothly to allow for a riding experience like no other. The optional independent pedaling system (IPS) lets one person pedal while the other coasts. You will laugh yourself silly as you fly down the bike paths at incredible speeds.

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– Click here  For More Info at the Terra Cycle “Tandem” Website


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Rover Tandem
Still Available in 2020



The Rover is still available as a tandem. The tandem attachment (sold seperately) quickly changes your standard Rover into a Tricycle-built-for-two! Simply disconnect the rear section of your trike and add the new tandem attachment, a new included front chain and you are ready to ride!


What Size is right For ME?

To make sure you get the most comfortable Trike in the World Check out this link to get the right Size of trike FOR YOU!  http://www.terratrike.com/sizing.php

Lifetime Terra Trike Warranty

Terra Trike offers each original owner of new Terra Trikes a Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the frame, seat and steering components (terms and conditions apply). Terra Trike also has an Extended Warranty for 2nd party purchasers for 3 years! See their web site for all warranty details.


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