TSDZ2 B Drive

TSDZ2 B Motor
48v, 550 Watts, 18 Amps
100+ N.m torque
5 levels of assist 36% – 300%
Thumb Throttle
Internal Pedaling torque sensor for a natural riding experience. It senses the amount of pedaling pressure you supply and reacts accordingly.
170 mm Crank arms / 155 mm available
42 Tooth Chain Ring (34t & 52t available).
1 year limited warranty

LCD 600c Display / Controller Module
– Assist control “+ -” (5 levels), Battery Level Indicator, Odometer, Trip meter, Time, Clock, Back light, Controller settings,
Trike Length Cables
48v Hialong Batteries – Lithium-Ion
Because of reduced aero drag, a trike is more efficient than a regular 2 wheeled bike. Our Standard 14.5 Battery on a recumbent trike could get you over 100 Km; depending on terrain, rider weight, level of assist (1-4)

Battery size options include: 13.5ah or 14.5ah 
   (up to 24.5ah available for $$$+)
1 year limited warranty
2 Amp Battery charger standard
     Optional variable 2 - 6 Amp charger
LCD Display mount
Speed sensor – rear wheel
Mounting wrench
Torque Collar or T mount Bracket
– so motor does not rotate

Battery Mount: (extra if needed)
– T-Cycle Universal or
– ICE Trike Rack Battery Mount
Can be fitted to most bottom bracket of 68 mm
Trikes, recumbents or regular 2 wheeled bikes



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